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Name: shelley
Date Posted: Feb 12, 2007
Message: hey chris, wow you are very talented at what you do. I really like MAIDEN AND THE DEATH. It really stood out to me. My son is in AW over them all.
Name: todd neill
Date Posted: Jan 18, 2007
Message: tneill@cogeco.ca
Name: Dave Anderson (MIIISSter Anderson...we've been watching you)
Date Posted: Oct 09, 2006
Message: For Shirley Jackson and the Christ say something to me. For Shirley Jackson strikes a chord of loneliness in me. It really evokes an emotion. The Christ has an ability to stand out in my mind. The color is what does it. The blue background really brings the figure out in the forefront and gives it warmth. Is that Ozzy Osbourne? lol!!!
Name: Aunty M [ You know don't ya ]
Date Posted: May 09, 2006
Message: Hope you,re selling lots and lots !!!!!!
Date Posted: Mar 19, 2006
Message: you are jesus, you control what i do, thats how talented and special you are. if you wanta do herion with me and hang me on a cross, ill do it. if you wanta give me a tattoo, ill let you. you are an amazing artist, and one of the few.

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