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Name: Consign to oblivion
Date Posted: Mar 08, 2010
Message: I hope all is well with you, Chris.
You are deeply loved, and genuinely missed. xoxo

Name: chain reaction tattooz
Date Posted: Oct 07, 2009
Message: man you are an awesome artist!!!! keep up the great work!
Name: Rolly
Date Posted: Aug 18, 2009
Message: Hey man, it's Rolly from Starbucks...so I finally tracked down that scrap of paper with your site on it! Yeah I like the look of the gallery and some of the peices I perused...I'm curious as to what you'd think of my paintings...I've only done acrilics so far (most affordable) but I'm looking to branch out...anyway gotta run, Cya!
Name: yours truly
Date Posted: May 25, 2009
Message: your art defines my dreams sometimes christy. goodnight.
Name: Dirk Diggler
Date Posted: Apr 26, 2009
Message: Get yer arse in gear and start painting up a storm Bitch. Slack'n Freak...
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