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Name: Bill Hughes - PrintFusion in Kingston
Date Posted: Jan 04, 2008
Message: I learned of your site via Derek Cooper's newsletter.

Your work is BRILLIANT! I cannot wait to see your work in person.

Bill Hughes
PrintFusion Inc.
Name: -Claire Morales-
Date Posted: Dec 03, 2007
Message: hey, how are you!?
i havnt heard from you in forever.
i heard you moved back east?

emily carrrs sweeet and im glad i came. it definatly gives me something to do...and im progreesssingg!!!
thanks for giving me the motivation to make something of myself!

yeer ol pal claire morales.
ps whats your email and or facebook? if you have?
Name: Lyn from Sydenham Street Studio
Date Posted: Aug 25, 2007
Message: Interesting and strong work Christie......strangely, I have a similar portrait of John Lennon--I'll have to show you one day......weird--kinda kindred art-spirits!!!Hope you join our studio...
Name: Carrie the Mean Green Tangerine
Date Posted: Apr 14, 2007
Message: I really like all your stuff, I find it close to my painting style at times, and it edges me on....floating faces in discord....i like that.
Name: Devin Mac
Date Posted: Feb 24, 2007
Message: chris buuddayy iam lovin the pics u have a great talent for bringing out emotions in your art there very self explanitory ill deff have too get u too draw up that tatt for me id love ya foreves
already do. but u get the point :)
cheers bro

too good times.
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