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Name: Ken
Date Posted: Mar 13, 2006
Message: WOW! I knew you were talented Chris, But I was amazed when I saw more of your works. My Favorite will always the one "for Donny" Totally amazing dude! Hope to visit someday.
Name: Peta
Date Posted: Mar 08, 2006
Message: F$#%ING AMAZING! and yet thats underrated when refering to your talent.

'Tomb' and 'Temptation' really move me, not that the others dont, but ill leave an essay to talk about all the ones i love.

Ive just got back from living in your home, im an Aussie, and i heard alot of BuZZ about you. Trent was right.....You RoCk!!
I missed out on meeting you by a month!!

I vow from this day to spread the word in Aus about your Art and only hope that one day Trent and I will have a piece of our own on the wall one day.

Cant wait to see more

*Your newest Aussie Fan**
Name: ashley r.
Date Posted: Dec 08, 2005
Message: amazing artist with plenty of talent.
who also has a great personality and awesome tattoos.
thanks for being a friend.
Name: Michael
Date Posted: Nov 03, 2005
Message: Excellent Artwork. I hope my label can work with you in the future.

Misanthropica Enterprises
Name: Simon
Date Posted: Oct 31, 2005
Message: Great work. I really like your paintings.
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